All the results from the workshop at JRC in Lucerne as well as the results from our pre-workshop in Zurich you can find below.

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Pictures from the Workshop

Here you find the collected images we captured during the workshop. They show the work in progress and also the presentations. – The closer we came to the deadline the messier got the tables. In the End we had four great artifacts with original properties. The images during the workshop have been taken by Lena Grossmüller, Alex Legath and Stefano Vannotti.

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WORKSHOP LUCERNE Title Tag-Mag  Scenario text – text – structured – magazine Use gestures of digital media to navigate the magazine There are two text layers, one is a meta layer It consists of keywords and information What can you tweet about it? «Tag-Mag» is a print magazine structured like a digital article with hyperlinks […]

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WORKSHOP LUCERNE Title «SNAP ;D» Scenario motion picture – picture – fast – daily paper Pictures fall apart after you open it Ads stay in paper Reflecting the speed of today’s fast paced picture culture What can you tweet about it? Catch me if you can #Snap #smiley #;D #analogue #dailypaper Pictures A sequential daily […]

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Köpfe Rollen

WORKSHOP ZURICH Title Köpfe Rollen Scenario picture – motion picture – structured – daily paper Flip book that tells daily news trough image sequences One picture per page What can you tweet about it? Der Diktator habe willkürlich Köpfe rollen lassen, auch wenn er glücklich war. Pictures

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